RouteXL 20 RouteXL 100 RouteXL 150
Unlimited routes * Unlimited routes * Unlimited routes *
Tot 20 stops per route ** Up to 100 stops per route Up to 150 stops per route
Free €5/day or
€ 10 per day or
€ 70 per month
Access code ***

* A fair use policy applies
** Limited to 10 stops in the API
*** Per day, via payment partner Mollie (i.e. Bitcoins)

RouteXL is free for routes up to 20 addresses. After a contribution you can boost up to 150 addresses per route. An one-day access code allows for 100 addresses per route. A day or month subscription via PayPal allows for 100 or 150 addresses per route.

All options can be used for an “;unlimited"; numbers of routes a day. You can plan several times a day routes to 100 or 150 addresses. As the optimization calculations are very complex, there is a fair-use policy.

Subscription via PayPal payments-paypal

  • Linked to a registered useraccount
  • Per day or month
  • Payment by PayPal: credit card, bank account, etc.
  • Costs: € 5 EUR / day (100 addresses), € 10 EUR / day (150 addresses) or € 35 EUR / month (100 addresses) incl TVA
  • How To: after registration an account

Access codes by Molliemollie

  • Easy and fast, no registration required
  • Valid for 24 hours from first use in one location (IP-address)
  • Payment by Mollie: Bitcoins, Paypal, Mr Cash, Bitcoin, and so on
  • Costs: € 5 EUR for queues (100 addresses) incl TVA
  • How To: in de route planner by pressing the button Extra