RouteXL 20

RouteXL 100

RouteXL 200

Unlimited routes * Unlimited routes * Unlimited routes *
Tot 20 stops per route ** Up to 100 stops per route Up to 200 stops per route
Free €5/day or
€ 10 per day or
€ 70 per month
Access code ***

* A fair use policy applies
** Limited to 10 stops in the API
*** Per day, via payment partner Mollie (i.e. Bitcoins)

RouteXL is free for routes up to 20 stops. With an upgrade you can add more addresses per route. You can get an one-day access code for 100 addresses per route. Or a day or month subscription via PayPal for 100 or 200 addresses per route.

All options can be used for an “;unlimited"; numbers of routes a day. On one day you may plan multiple routes up to 100 or 200 addresses. As the optimization calculations are very complex, there is a fair-use policy.

Subscription via PayPal payments-paypal

  • Linked to a registered useraccount
  • Per day or month
  • Payment by PayPal: credit card, bank account, etc.
  • Costs:
    RouteXL 100 : €5 EUR/day or €35 EUR/month incl VAT
    RouteXL 200 : €10 EUR/day or €70 EUR/month incl VAT
  • How: after registration of an account

Access codes by Molliemollie

  • Easy and fast, no registration required
  • Valid for 24 hours from first use in one location (IP-address)
  • Payment by Mollie: Bitcoins, Paypal, Mr Cash, Bitcoin, and so on
  • Costs:
    RouteXL 100: €5 EUR/code incl VAT
    RouteXL 200: n / a
  • How: in the route planner by pressing the button Extra

Business subscription on invoice

Business users in the EU can apply for a subscription on invoice. The costs are €40 EUR ex VAT per month for up to 100 addresses per route, or €75 EUR ex VAT per month for up to 200 addresses per route. The application with complete company can use this request form to us.