What is RouteXL?
RouteXL is a route optimiser for multiple addresses. You can find the fastest route along multiple destinations. RouteXL sorts the stops in the most optimal sequence for an optimized route. Simple and fast. You can enter addresses or zip codes, select locations on the map, or cut and paste from other software programs such as Excel. Read more…

Why is RouteXL free?
We use the free services of Google Maps and use free available software. In return we like to offer our services for free. For our loyal customers, and also to help contribute to a better environment. Therefore RouteXL completely free to use for up to 20 stops. In case you'd like to use this software for over 20 locations, We'd like to ask you for a small donation to cover our costs.

Why do I have to zoom in to select addresses?
Experience has unfortunately shown that selecting addresses by clicking on the map is not always accurate. The map is very place sensitive. Sometimes you accidentally click in the middle of a lake or lawn. The route planner will then no address and does not. The further you zoom, the less likely you “placed” click.

Why only 20 addresses in the free version?
The calculations RouteXL should do for finding the optimal route are complex. With more than 20 addresses cost that much computing time on our servers. Therefore we ask a small contribution to the cost if you want to increase more addresses. After payment via the Tools button until you can 100 addresses to reorder.

Why does it take so long calculation?
In order to determine the fastest route, the planner must all travel times between all the addresses themselves know. If you have ten addresses must visit, we have (including your departure point) 11 x 10 = 110 mutual distances are required. Ie: 110 time route between two locations. And unfortunately, that takes as…

How can I help to make it faster?
Make sure that the addresses are correct and check as many or they are placed correctly on the map. Group addresses that are close together. That is to say: For example, combine multiple destinations in a mall together to address.

I have addresses in Excel. How can I quickly ramp?
You can quickly import addresses from the Import button. Copy the addresses in Excel (Ctrl-C) and paste them into the text field (Ctrl-V). Make sure that each address is on one line. First street, zip code, town and country row, for instance:
Jan Ligthartstraat 1, 1817 MR Alkmaar, Netherlands

It does not, I get continuous error messages?
Check the web program (browser) you've. Most of the problems unfortunately be caused by an outdated browser. Internet Explorer version 6 (IE6) we support not, IE7 also regularly issues. Update your browser or use a modern browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. If it still does not, you can report.

I bought an access code. What should I do next?
The access code you can activate by pressing the button “Extra” lower right. Enter the code and press OK. Then you can during 24 hours plan routes up to 100 addresses. Take care, that can only be from the IP location where you enter your code.

I paid by SMS, but the received code does not work?
The code that you get when you pay by SMS, is not the password for RouteXL. That is the 4-digit payment code that our payment partner Mollie send to you for confirmation of your payment. The passcode is 6 numbers and letters and you get it before you pay with the advice to note this.

I paid through Paypal, but I did not receive an access code?
Your payment through Paypal is linked to your user account. So you will not receive a code. You just need to login in order to increase the number of allowed addresses. You log in using the option “log in” in the black menu bar on top of the route planner.

Why do you use a “no refund” policy?
RouteXL is no product, but an online service that is available immediately after payment. We therefore follow the Guidelines that Paypal for non-tangible products and services uses. If you can prove that the route does not work and we had to restore the service, the opportunity, However, we will be lenient.

I have a subscription but can't add more than 20 addresses?
Make sure you are logged in with your account. Our server checked your account after opening the website. Sometimes it takes a few seconds. Therefore, wait a few seconds after opening the website, press the button “import” and check the number of addresses..

Last week I paid, Now the password no longer works?
An access code is 24 hours valid from one IP address. After 24 hours is the key code no longer valid. You can then buy a new code via the Tools button. Do you often use the route planner, then think of a subscription.

An access code will not work on another PC?
Access codes are from the first use 24 hours valid from one location based on IP address. If you activate an access, he no longer works at other locations. You can use an access code just on one location. Do you want to work at a different location, you have to buy can buy a new access code.

Can I get a monthly subscription?
Yes, You can. Especially for users who regularly use RouteXL for route optimizing there is a useful subscription. You do not need every time to buy a key code. You can buy an subscription after you have been registered.

Can I pay by invoice and business users?
For business users, we have a number of special payment options. Companies can buy subscriptions or prepaid punch cards with several access codes on invoice. More information is available in this list of Payment Options.

I have a system that I want to link, is there an API?
A real API we do'nt have yet, but it is in development. A species of, but not just APIs is available in the form of a deep link. You can then call the URL addresses to send. RouteXL put the addresses on the map and instantly calculate the fastest route.

Update: of route optimisatie API is now available

RouteXL has a link with TomTom WEBFLEET Telematics?
Yes, there is a possibility to exchange data between the two systems. Among other things, you can import orders and export optimal routes. You must be registered and adjust some settings.
Read more…

I have an idea for you. How can I lose?
We have a support forum where your can give your questions and problems but also suggestions. There you can rid your idea.