What is RouteXL?
RouteXL is a route optimiser for multiple addresses. It finds the fastest route along multiple destinations. RouteXL sorts the stops in the most optimal sequence for an optimized route. Easy and fast. You can enter addresses or zip codes, click locations on the map, or cut and paste from other programs; such as Excel. Read more ...;

Why is RouteXL free?
We use the open data of OpenStreetMap, free maps and free software. In return we offer our services for free. For our loyal customers, and also to help contribute to a better environment. Therefore RouteXL is completely free to use for multi-stop routes up to 20 addresses. In case you'd like to use this software for over 20 locations, We'd like to ask you for a small donation to cover our costs.

Why do I have to zoom in to select addresses?
Experience has unfortunately shown that selecting addresses by clicking on the map is not always accurate. The map is very place sensitive. Sometimes one accidentally clicks in the middle of a lake or lawn. The route planner won't find the address and does not work properly. The more you are zoomed out, the more likely that you;miss; your destination.

My addresses are on the wrong location on the map. How can I improve this?
Je kunt via de knop “;Opties”; to choose another geocoding service and set an address suffix. Bijvoorbeeld de geocoder “;Photon”; en de aanvulling “;Nederland”;. You can try other combinations. Test your settings using the search box at the top left. If you type an address, after a few moments a list of search results will appear.

Why is the free version limited to 20 points?
The calculations for finding the optimal route are complex. With more than 20 addresses computing time goes up quite fast. Therefore, we ask for a small contribution if you want to increase the number of addresses. After payment you can put up to 100 addresses in order.

Why do the calculations take so long?
To determine the fastest route, the planner must know all travel times between all addresses. If you have to visit ten locations, we need (including your departure point) 11 x 10 = 110 legs to be routed. That is: 110 routes between two locations. And unfortunately that takes some time.;

How can I help to make it faster?
Make sure that the addresses are correct, and check as much as possible that they are correctly placed on the map. Group addresses that are close together. For example: combine multiple destinations in a single mall together into one address.

I have addresses in Excel. How can I quickly add these?
You can import addresses through the Import button. Copy the addresses in Excel (Ctrl-C) and paste them into the text area (Ctrl-V). Make sure that each address is on one line. E.g. street, zip code, town and country row, for example:
Jan Ligthartstraat 1, 1817 MR Alkmaar, Netherlands

It does not work, I am getting error messages?
Check the internet program (browser) you have. Most problems are unfortunately caused by outdated browsers. Internet Explorer version 6 (IE6) we do not support, IE7 also has issues. Update your browser or use a modern browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. If that does not solve the errors, please make a report.

I do not see map, The website is completely gray?
Our maps are provided by other companies and organization. It may happen that there is a temporary malfunction in these parties. The problem is easily solved by choosing another card. Je kunt de kaart wisselen via Opties >; Styling >; map appearance.

How do I get my route on my gps?
Unfortunately we can not give support for navigation systems, because there are so many different makes and models, and because software changes regularly. Je vindt bij de knop “;Download”; various file types, like: ITN, GPX, KML and CSV. Check the manual of your device, whether these are accepted and to transfer. Sometimes you can also find Instructions For some models on the Internet.

What gps do you recommend?
If you buy a new navigation system, ask the seller whether the system is suitable to import routes. It's reported that the latest models are no longer able to import. For professional use with multiple vehicles, you could also look at a TomTom PRO with WEBFLEET. for which we support wireless, remote uploads.

The WEBFLEET button is gone?
Possibly your settings not loaded. So make a new session:
1. Log out, close the browser completely (all windows and tabs) and wait 10 seconds.
2. Open the website, log in, druk op de knop “;Opnieuw”; and wait another 10 seconds.
3. Controleer nu je instellingen bij Opties >; WEBFLEET.

I've bought an access code. How can I use it?
The access code can be activated via the button ";Extra”; on the bottom right. Enter the code and press OK. You can make up to 100 addresses routes for 24 hours. But please note, it's only valid from the location you enter the code.

I have paid by SMS, but the received code does not work?
The code that you receive in the SMS message, is not the access code for RouteXL. That is the 4-digit payment code that our payment partner Mollie send to you for confirmation of your payment. The access code consists of 6 digits, which you got before you paid, with the advice to write it down.

I paid through Paypal, but I did not receive an access code?
Your payment through Paypal is linked to your user account. So you will not receive a code. You just need to login in order to increase the number of allowed addresses. You log in using the option ";log in”; on the top side of the website.

Why do you have a ";no refund”; policy?
RouteXL is not a product, but an online service that is available immediately after payment. We therefore follow the Guidelines that PayPal has for non-tangible products and services. If you can prove that the route is not functioning and we have had a chance to restore the service, we will be lenient.

I have a subscription but can not not import more than 20 addresses?
Make sure you are logged in with your account. Our server will check your account after opening the website. Sometimes it takes a few seconds. Wait a few seconds after the opening of the website before you press the button ";import”; to check the number of addresses..

I paid last week, but the the access code is not working?
An access code is valid for 24 hours from a single IP address. After these 24 hours the key code is no longer valid. You can buy a new code via the Extra button. Do you frequently use our route planner, then consider a hassle-free and cost effective subscription.

My access code does not work on another PC?
Access codes are valid for 24 hours from a single location based on IP address after first use. Once you activate an access code, it won't work from other locations. You can use an access code only from one location. If you want to work from a different location, you have to buy a new access code.

Can I get a monthly subscription?
Yes, you can. For those who regularly use RouteXL for route optimization there is a choice of subscriptions. With a subscription there is no need to buy or use access codes. You can get an subscription with registration of an account.

I have a system that I want to connect. Is there an API?
To associate with other systems we have a route optimisation API. Another way is to couple our deep link. This allows you to add addresses in the URL. RouteXL put the locations on the map and instantly calculate the fastest route.

Does RouteXL work with TomTom WEBFLEET Telematics?
Yes, you can exchange data between the two systems. Among other things, you can import orders and export optimal routes. You must be registered and adjust some settings.
Read more ...;

Is there a manual?
We have an online manual wiki.routexl.nl

I have an idea for you. How can I share it?
We have a support community where your can voice your questions and problems but also suggestions. There you can share your idea.